Building Self Esteem
and Self Confidence

What is your overall evaluation of your own self worth?

There is a difference between self esteem and self confidence. One builds upon the other, and when a person possesses these two traits, the benefits are powerful and life-changing.

Self confidence is a trait that starts to build up from childhood. It is the ability of recognizing and acknowledging one’s capability in any endeavor. This trait often develops from within, with the support of the people you grew up with, mainly your parents, teachers and other significant adults in your life.

A person who is self confident is certain that the things he/she needs to do will be done accordingly, without being doubtful or needing to be affirmed by others.

Self Esteem, on the other hand, is your own overall perception of your value as a person.

It is how you regard yourself with respect to your endeavors, relationships, and social status.

This can also develop from childhood depending on how the people around you perceived and treated you.

The interesting thing about these two traits is that they create a self-fulfilling cycle in which one builds onto the other. Thus, the more self confidence you have, the higher your self esteem will be and viceversa.

Factors In Building Self Esteem And Self Confidence.

There are several factors that affect the build-up of these traits. If a child lives in a motivating and affirming environment, he/she is most likely to grow up confident and highly esteemed. On the other hand, a hostile and critical environment instills fear and rejection, insecurities and other factors that erode self confidence.

A child’s growing up years may either boost or lower his/her levels of self confidence and self esteem. Traumatic events in life such as separation and death can greatly affect him/her. Even physical attributes and mental capabilities can create a dent on self confidence and self esteem.

People who come in contact with a child or young adult also influence these traits. Even adults are not spared from losing -or gaining- confidence and self esteem. The family and immediate circle of influence are the basic support systems of every person in developing these traits.

To succeed in any life endeavor, it becomes crucial that a person possesses these characteristics to become better prepared in facing the challenges that go with life.

Motivation, respect, love caring, and understanding play very important roles in personality development.

Do not underestimate the power of these factors in your goal towards happiness and success. While there are unavoidable circumstances in life, taking stock of oneself allows a more open and accepting attitude of these adversities.

Fortunately, self esteem and self confidence are malleable, meaning, we can always work on improving them.

How To Build Your Self Esteem And Self Confidence

Self confidence will unleash your potential to turn adversities into opportunities. Self esteem reverses the negative perceptions that pull you down. Remember that the values you have for yourself will be the basis for the way other people perceive and value you. It is you who is in charge of setting the parameters for others to value, respect and even admire you.

Here are a few points to remember and put into practice...

  • Boost your confidence and self regard by being authentic in any given situation and at any given time. Do not try to impress on others. Just be yourself. You are valuable as you are!

  • Pay close attention to the way in which you talk to yourself. If you make a mistake don't judge yourself. If you catch yourself having derogatory thoughts, stop. Just realize that nobody is perfect, learn from your mistake and move on. Self-talk is extremely important; it can either increase your self confidence or smash it.

  • Keep a good opinion of yourself. We all have had experiences in which we have felt proud of ourselves. Think of those moments often and use them as guideposts to remind you what you are capable of.

  • Be cautious of the people you interact with. Avoid those whose negativity is overwhelming. Surround yourself instead with people who are cheerful and positive. You know the Law of Attraction principles. Be optimistic and happy yourself, and eventually you will attract like-minded individuals to your life.

  • Positive thinking or optimism is also a mobilizing factor towards gaining self confidence and self esteem. Even when things don't turn out as expected, explore possibilities before thinking about failure. What did you learn about what just happened? Reflect on the learning lesson versus allowing yourself to feel defeated.

  • Keep your pockets full with wisdom and knowledge. Learn to pick up lessons from the past and use them to improve yourself in the present. Remember that nobody is perfect! Life is -after all- a learning experience.

  • Read, search and research on personal development and self growth, and internalize. Visit blogs and sites that spread positive messages to uplift your spirit. By the way...

    Thank you for being here!!

  • Grab every opportunity that will enhance or improve your personality. Take a class, help a neighbor, share a great tip, tell a child "I Love You"... look for opportunities to help yourself by helping others. It will make you feel good and enhance your self esteem!

  • Believe in yourself. Be open to a healthy competition in life. Be humble enough to accept that you will not always win; however, you will always grow through the experiences. Take what you learn and do it better next time. It will increase your self confidence!

  • Remember, self development is an on-going process. Learning to know your capabilities and strengths and your weaknesses as well as accepting them will determine the kind of person you become. Love yourself so you will be able to love others.

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