My Children Make Me Happy

by Catherine Scott

There have been many times in my life where I have just not felt 100% up to par, so to speak. I have found that, while life can tend to be overwhelming at times, there are many coping mechanisms that have worked well for me.

There is no magical key to happiness, however I have been able to do many different things to bring me to that happy place.

For me personally, my children have an ever present way of making me smile - even when all else seems down around me. Even after a recent personal loss, my children showed me much comfort. The innocence of a child is an amazing thing. Just a hug or smile from the heart of a child will melt many tensions.

Another way that I have found happiness in sad or stressful situations is to just realize that no matter how crazy or stressful the situation is at that very moment, it WILL change.

Life does have a way of being hectic, and many times stressful. But, having a way to take a time out, or taking time away, such as "me" time, is one very important key for me to always remember.

I also know, and make it a point to keep in mind, that there is a God, and He cares for me. I am but one of many people in the world - but I mean something to Him. For me, this also brings happiness and much comfort during sad, stressful, or otherwise upsetting times.

I guess the main thing, amongst all of this, is that I always must remember that I am not alone. There is always someone, somewhere, who has had a similar (and many times worse) experience than mine.

I just need to remember to reach out for help and help others as I go through life. And, talking to a friend often brings relief in ways that bottling up my feelings just can't do.

I hope to keep on learning from others that post in here and to contribute to the happiness of those who read my comments.

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Apr 12, 2010
My child makes me Happy
by: ahmed.m

What makes me the happiest is when I see my daughter's innocence in her eyes. She makes me forget all the disappointments in my life... she just makes me very happy.

I believe that our children give us the strength to continue living a happy life, no matter how difficult life is at times.

As she grows, her success will make me happier too.

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