How To Raise Your Vibrations
to Manifest Your Desires

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If you have been studying the Law of Attraction for awhile, you know that there is one concept that comes up at the top of the list often... You MUST raise your vibrations in order to manifest your desires.

Yes, I’m sure you have read or heard this numerous times BUT… What exactly does it mean to raise your vibrations?

How do you go about raising your vibrations? And once you are doing it… how do you know if you are indeed raising your vibrations to attract what you want?

For many, these questions remain unanswered and as such, it leaves them wondering how to move forward with this "vibration and manifesting" concept... So let’s explore this in more detail.

Question #1… What does it mean to raise your vibration?

To better understand this, let’s take a couple of minutes to take a physics mini-lesson. Vibration is defined as the rhythmical and rapid motion of particles. When two bodies vibrate at the same frequency, they are said to be in resonance. This means they are attuned with each other.

Now, according to Quantum Physics, every single thing in the universe is energy. From this premise, it is safe to conclude that solid objects are a form of energy expressed as physical matter. And, since matter is composed of particles, energy is also particles. Correct?

In short, matter and energy are interchangeable, meaning one can "be converted into" the other. Thus, the only difference between the physical and non-physical is the state of the energy which is determined by the amplitude and frequency of the motion of its particles. This is what is called "vibration rate" and what allows for the invisible to become visible when your inner vibration is attuned with the vibration of the intended object or result.
End of physics mini-lesson

Now, as human beings we perceive the world around us from the vibrations we receive through our five senses which our brain interprets; and this happens at all times either consciously or unconsciously.

When you hear a bird chirping, your brain is interpreting the vibrations caused by the sound waves emitted by the bird. When you see a rainbow, your eyes are conveying to your brain the reflection of the light waves which are created by vibrations.

The same goes for touch. When you hold a glass of ice water you feel it cold because its molecules are vibrating at a lower frequency than those of your body temperature.

Sweet or sour, bitter or salty, whatever you taste is also related to the vibration of the molecules in the foods that you are putting in your mouth.

Then, when you perceive the aroma of a rose is because its molecules vibrate in the air which you perceive through your sense of smell.

These interpretations of our brain create feelings and emotions which are also vibrations. For instance, imagine you are walking on a calm beach, watching a beautiful sunset, enjoying the warm temperature on your skin, listening to the waves breaking offshore and smelling the salt in the air… how do you feel?

According to memories and prior experiences you may or may not like the ocean; regardless, your feeling creates a vibration. If you enjoy this experience, you will raise your vibration. If you don’t your vibration decreases. The same is true for every thought and memory that comes to mind, so make it a habit to watch what you are thinking of on a regular basis. Remember that thoughts and memories do not necessarily match your present moment!

Are you getting a better picture on how you create and raise your vibration? Once you are aware of this, you can create them intentionally. And when you do this, you are able to raise your vibrations at will.

Question #2… How do you go about raising your vibrations?

When you are feeling down, received bad news or just things aren’t going your way, you are vibrating at a lower rate. Acknowledge that if you stay in that state, you will attract more of the same. The good news is that you can do something about it.

There are not one or two, but literally hundreds of ways in which you can raise your vibrations. I will list five of my favorite ones below and I invite you here to share what helped raise your vibrations to manifest something, no matter how small it was! Sharing and learning from each other will only help us all manifest our desires faster!

  • Music
    This is one practice that I keep close at heart. I have a collection of CDs with my favorite New Age and instrumental music that sends me to a higher vibration right away! And speaking of the sense of hearing, white noise also has the power to raise my vibrations. I enjoy listening to rain, waterfalls, and rivers, among other Mother Nature’s noises

  • Reading
    Nothing better than reading an inspirational real life story to raise my vibrations!

  • Walks by the lake
    In general, being outdoors and in contact with Mother Nature is a great tonic for my vibes.

  • Meditation
    Whenever I’ve had a stressful day (stress lowers your vibrations) I take a few minutes to put my mind at ease through meditation. I can feel uplifted right away just by focusing on my breathing and letting go of thoughts. Give it a try!

  • Journal Writing
    When I take a few moments to write about those things that I feel grateful about, I immediately feel a shift in my energy!
  • Your turn to share... what do you do when you feel down? How do you quiet your mind to alleviate your worry or release your stress? Can you think about something that you manifested, no matter how small it was? What happened right before then? How were you feeling right before you got what you wanted?

    You probably didn’t know that by soothing yourself in a certain way you were instinctively raising your vibrations... and by doing so, you were facilitating the manifestation of your desire - but now you do! Please tell us your story here!

    Question #3… How do you know if you are raising your vibrations to match those of what you want to attract to your experience?

    This is the easiest step in the manifesting process for once you know how to raise your vibrations; the next step is visualizing what you want from that state of emotion. Here is an example:

    Let’s say that you have been stressed because your car breaks often and your intention is to attract a reliable car. Notice how you feel every time you think about your old car. Now, take a few moments to put your mind at ease. You may choose to take a walk and focus on the good things you have in your life. Become aware of how you are raising your vibrations just by doing this.

    Next, take a few moments to visualize yourself driving the car you want. Add detail to your visualization until it appears as real and allow yourself to feel the emotion. Bring your visualization to an end by affirming... "This is so; it has already happened." Now, take action – start looking for the car you want. Don't worry about how it will happen, just move forward with confidence. Repeat as often as needed until your new car is parked in your driveway!

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