Quantum Manifesting

One of the first things we hear about quantum manifesting and the Law of Attraction, is that in order to manifest our desires, we must change our thoughts. However, even before we attempt to change our thoughts, we must become aware of a few facts and consciously accept them.

First and foremost, we are creators of our own reality and destiny. This implies a great deal of responsibility. If you are ready to change your life experience, you must accept this responsibility all the way from your thoughts, to your actions and your results.

Second, realize that everything we wish for already exists on another plane or in different form.

As you know, everything is energy and as such it cannot be created nor destroyed, only modified. Thus, like a child playing with play-dough, we have an amazing opportunity to create what we want starting from what we have.

Third, atoms are made up of non-solid subatomic elements that are neither particles nor waves; however, they can behave like both.

As strange as this may sound, this allows for these bits of energy to behave according to the observer and his intention.

In other words, they are 100% malleable and from that premise we can conclude that there is only one constant in every ‘experiment’ in your life and that is YOU.

So, it is you who decides how these particles are to behave in order to create what you want in your life... when you think about it, the possibilities are truly unlimited! As soon as you internalize these concepts and make them yours, you start living from the know versus from the wish for, hope for, dream of... and once you achieve this inner knowing, then and only then will quantum manifesting become as easy as child’s play.

As hard as it is to believe in the unseen, consider this... Buckminster Fuller, American inventor, author and creator of the term “Spaceship Earth” said that 99.99% of science is invisible to our five senses and nevertheless it is very real.

I’d like to add an example of something we can relate to with ease because we have all experienced it at one time or another... the common cold. Caused by a microscopic virus that cannot be seen by the naked eye... does the fact that we cannot see it make it unreal?

The fact is we -human beings- live interacting with our surrounding environment through our five senses, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we perceive all that exists. Moreover, we are creatures of habit and like such, it takes time to create a shift in our paradigms. Add to this that we are living in the middle of one of the largest paradigm shifts that mankind has ever experienced and it is easy to see why it may be difficult to open our minds when we first hear of quantum manifesting and quantum theory.

About 300 years ago, Sir Isaac Newton revolutionized the world when he began describing the world that surrounded him in a mechanical and practical way that explained how everything worked and why it worked the way it did.

At the time, everything was easily proved as he used ‘observation’ with the naked eye as his main scientific tool. For instance, when he observed an apple falling from a tree, he discovered gravity.

Those concepts evolved into the laws of physics that ruled the world for about 200 years. Then, a new era of sub-atomic energy emerged in the late part of the 19th century and everything changed.

The new Quantum Mechanics theory has opened a new door to view and experience the world around us in a different way and it challenges Newton’s laws as scientists begin to admit that the mere act of observing can change the result of any experiment according to the observers’ intention. Looking at this concept a bit deeper we realize that the observer and the observed are not separate... we –and every single thing in the universe- are all connected.

This ‘new’ understanding creates the new paradigm, a completely new way to perceive the world, life, and our reality. Everything is subjective. We are part of a consciousness that is interconnected and it is all ultimately, one energy.

"Every intention sets energy into motion...
Whether you are conscious of it or not."

~ Gary Zukav
Journey to the Soul

The concepts above lead to the obvious relationship between Quantum manifesting and the Law of Attraction. When we learn to use our mind to ‘observe’ our reality the way we ‘intend’ it to be, we are actively engaging in quantum mechanics to manifest our desires.

We do this by applying what we know of the wave/particle duality to our advantage. In other words, the observer (you) of an intention (the 'experiment') can change the outcome according to intention where the purpose itself rearranges particles in a precise way out of waves of multiple possibilities.

The key here is intention and observation. Picture the waves of possibility extended throughout space and all the way to the infinite. They are in this state indefinitely when they remain unobserved.

Once observed with a particular intention, these waves contract abruptly (quantum jump) aligning themselves into precise patterns according to that specific intention and create an outcome that materializes accordingly. This is called Quantum manifesting.

When we go through life living passively, we are manifesting by default, by chance and as things happen... unconsciously. Remember that when you do not make a decision, you are making a decision.

Realize that you, as an observer, have the potential to manifest by true intention and choice through Quantum manifesting. Knowing this... what will you choose to manifest in your life experience from now on? You cannot pretend you don’t know once you know...

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