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Abundance. That is the word that goes through my mind most every day when I choose to consciously focus on my surroundings; like every time I look at the trees; every time I see children laughing, and even every time I do a search online.

We live in a Rich Universe filled with indescribable abundance and the great news is that there is plenty for everyone. Do you believe this too? Really, do you believe it in your heart?

According to the American Heritage® Dictionary it means... "a great or plentiful amount", "Fullness to overflowing", "Affluence; wealth." All these definitions give us a general idea; however, on a personal level nobody can determine what abundance means to you... but YOU.

For some, it invokes images of money and luxurious goods. For others it means having a lot of a particular thing. But real abundance means much more than that... you see, your life’s circumstances are directly related to how you define it, what your beliefs are, and how you feel about your own entitlement to happiness and fulfillment.

And now that you know these different meanings, I ask you again... what does it mean to YOU? Can you describe it in a sentence or two?

OK, I’ll share first... To me, living in Abundance means living in balance. It is a state of true freedom and peace of mind, without worries and fears; living life as it was meant to be lived. Yes, it is about wealth, but it is also about feeling complete in every other area as well.

For instance, I feel abundant when I spend time with my loved ones, when I watch a sunset on the beach, and when I look at a starry sky. I also feel abundant when I enjoy an afternoon reading my favorite book, when I remember something that fills my heart with joy and I sigh, when I meditate, and even when I gobble up a dark chocolate truffle.

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Abundance comes from allowing yourself to dream big, from following those dreams and your heart’s desires. And it also comes from living in the present moment. When you live life by these insights you feel complete. This is proof that the Universe is at work, guiding you to discover YOUR purpose in life.

And then, living abundantly also involves giving and receiving, feeling grateful, feeling loved and loving others; smiling and enjoying the simplest of events. Yes, we can experience it in many ways!

I built this site to help you Live Abundantly... making your life richer and fuller according to what this means to you! This is why this site is both, inspirational and practical. In here you will find encouragement as well as action steps, ideas, insights, and enlightening information to enrich your life.

As a way to thank you for visiting, I’d like to invite you to take my 7 part free eCourse titled "A Step by Step Guide to Activate the Law of Attraction in Your Life" so you can set your manifesting into high gear. If you haven't signed up above, you can do it here. You will receive access to one installment per day for seven consecutive days; and you'll also get the "Abundance4Me" ezine, all in one single step.

Be prepared to receive tips, techniques, tactics, tools, methods and much more to help you along your personal development path. This high quality information will support and assist you in reaching your dreams and goals.

You may want to bookmark this site or subscribe to it through RSS, so you don't miss on any updates. I add new content on a regular basis.

Lastly, don't forget that I'm here to help you. This means I'll listen to you. Let me know what you’d like to see here and I’ll do my best to bring it to you. Do you have questions or suggestions? Just Contact Me and send me your comments anytime.

Your life is a miracle and Abundance is your birthright... Realize that you already have it all. You just need to learn how to get it, and this site is here to guide you. Enjoy your visit!

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